Welcome To Rothenburg. For German romance and history, medieval rows of houses and the Thirty Years War, a Frankish dream city and 600 year old tourist attraction - Rothenburg ob der Tauber is anything but ordinary. And the Lower Schmiedgasse were we are located was always in the middle of this history. Our address is the famous Hotel Goldener Hirsch, number 16.

Amidst all the history though, our comfort and service bring the here and now to the experience. In our baroque furnished hotel lobby, in the senator lounge or in the elegant blue terrace, you can find guests from all over the world. The miracle of the encounter with the past  begins  here, as they exchange ideas , share their experiences and enjoy the ambience.

The family atmosphere, personable staff, and the many small cordialities make it easy for them to cast off everyday life and to enjoy the Rothenburg  experience.

With many culinary delights, plus the beauty of Rothenburg you have plenty of opportunity to consider and contemplate the features of the city in comfort. Like the legendary "Master Draught", which was held in 1881 as a festival of baptism. The hotel - Goldener Hirsch, where history is hospitality.